Inaugural session of the Ethical Hackers Forum of Sri Lanka, organized by CICRA Holdings, the leading cyber security training and consultancy organization, was successfully held on June 04, 2014 in Colombo

The forum has been launched to strengthen cyber security domain of Sri Lanka by providing a common space for interaction for cyber security professionals and to share their knowledge and experience with peers. It is very encouraging that more than hundred cyber security professionals attended the event.

Ms. Shalini Ratwatte, Corporate Attorney, South East Asia New Markets of Microsoft Corporation and Mr. Krishna Rajagopal, CEO, Akati Consulting, Malaysia and CICRA Master Trainer spoke at the event.

Ms. Ratwatte delivering the guest speech on ‘Microsoft’s role in combating cyber crimes’ stressed that proactive measures are needed hence Sri Lanka’s financial sector is under severe cyber threat.

Meanwhile, delivering the keynote speech, Mr. Rajagopal highlighted the need of paying the highest attention on cyber attacks while you are on crisis, taking the MH 370 incident as an example. He warned that the damage through cyber attacks at a crisis situation may be much serious if your organization was not ready.

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