An increasing trend of cyber crimes and cyber attacks is reported in recent past and hence it is vital to be proactive to face this emerging challenge. However, it is a positive sign that IT industry in Sri Lanka is concerned and pays a considerable attention in cyber security risk mitigation.

Although there is a significant increase in the number of cyber security professionals in Sri Lanka, opportunities for cyber security professionals to share their knowledge and experience is limited due to lack of formal networking and socializing space. Ethical Hackers Forum of Sri Lanka will fulfill this need by providing an ample room for Sri Lankan ethical hackers to meet, network and share their knowledge and experience.

Objectives of Ethical Hackers Forum of Sri Lanka

  • To bring cyber security professionals from different industries and sectors together into one common platform
  • To provide them with an interactive space for knowledge sharing
  • To facilitate increased awareness on cyber security issues locally and globally and take informed decisions to prevent such challenges
  • To create a hassle-free networking and socializing arena for cyber security professionals

Forum structure

Ethical Hackers Forum of Sri Lanka will be an interactive seminar-styled up to two hour session which will be followed by a networking and socializing fellowship.

Each forum will have at least one guest speaker; members of the forum will also be given the opportunity to share their experience.

Socializing event would allow free meeting with people, networking and even group discussions.
Four Ethical Hackers Forums per year will be held quarterly.

Forum membership is opened for any certified ethical hacker and cyber security/ IT professionals who do not possess ethical hacker certification would be considered as Associate Members. Different member categories may charge different entry fees for the participation at Ethical Hackers Forum events. Ethical hackers participate at Ethical Hackers Forum events will be awarded EC-Council Continuing Education Credits.

CICRA will be responsible for organizing the forum, supported by a team from the Ethical Hackers Forum membership to ensure smooth functioning and continuation of the forum.

Membership Criteria

Anyone who possesses a valid Certified Ethical Hacker certification (Note: CICRA has the right to verify your C|EH certification with the EC-Council)

Associate Members:
All others who are interested in participating at the Forum but do not possess C|EH certification

Entrance fee for the Forum Meeting:
Who have followed C|EH or C|HFI at CICRA : FREE
Other CICRA alumni : Rs. 1,000/-
Others : Rs. 2,000/-