Last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora and Twitter Accounts has been Hacked, and Last month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg Twitter account has been hacked. This shows the impact of cyber security in the world. Still, the officials in the top fields are victims of theses attacks.

In Sri Lanka,CICRA Holdings conducts regular meetups for the security researchers and all the people who are passionate about cyber security. Last evening (29th June 2016), 6th encounter of the ethical hacking forum was held at the CICRA Auditorium on the topic of ‘Enterprise mobile security : Challenges and Strategy ‘

What is Ethical Hacking Forum & what has happened there?

The ethical hacking forum is one of the active meetup groups in Sri Lanka, which is passionate about cyber security and hacking. This forum is arranged by the CICRA Holdings, who provides consulting and training related to cyber security in Sri Lanka.


Two of the gatherings CICRA organizes caught our attention.  ; Ethical
Hacking Forum which happens quarterly taking trending topics into the discussion .The second event, which is the most important event, is Cyber Security Summit which is an international cyber security conference. This year is the 5th encounter of the summit, and it has been planned to be held on August.

The meetup started at 6.30 with the welcoming of the keynote person Mr.Shan who was the former Director and mobile architecture in WSO2, one of the leading software development company in Sri Lanka. He has 17+ years in the field of security and mobile architecture.

The meetup covered the following topics:

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile-first strategy
  • Enterprise mobility challenges
  • Enterprise mobility strategy

Mr.Shan started with the introduction about how mobility grows from the traditional method to modern level and then he gave some examples of how the mobile applications nowadays are being developed. He also spoke about the facts that determine the security of mobile applications. Then he took the topic of the challenges faced by the developers while developing a mobile application, like app security, data security, remote device management, network security.

Then, he gave a brief explanation about the impact of Mobile Device management good and bad ways. Like how the Bad guys (like black hat hackers) able to overtake the whole system through the mobile device management. and also how the mobile Device management is helpful to the society  Also, how it allows the hackers step into your mobile phones. He also spoke about protecting them from such attempts. Finally, he introduced the new course offered by CICRA called the CICRA Certified Mobile Security Specialist (CCMSS).

After his Keynote speech, the forum was open for Q&A section. There were a lot of useful and informative questions from the audience. After the Q&A section.